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The spectacular new 9-hole par-3 course at Azuri Ocean & Golf Village offers golfers of all skill levels an exciting, enjoyable, and demanding test of golf.

The world class short course has holes ranging in length from 119 yards to 198 yards, and is a real challenge given the ever-present sea breeze, large undulating greens, strategically placed bunkers, and dramatic elevation changes.

With 3 tee locations on each hole and well contoured greens, the course offers wonderful variety, unlimited challenges and takes a great deal of skill and strategic planning to play it well. The course has 9 outstanding golf holes, that maximize the site’s natural features, with each hole offering a different playing experience.

The first 4 holes play alongside a picturesque river, with holes 5 to 8 changing direction across the magnificent landscape. The 9th plays back towards the clubhouse and is an incredible final hole that is guaranteed to inspire golfers to return. Requiring a tee shot across water to an island green, the hole measures 147 yards, and is destined to become the most spectacular finishing hole in Mauritius.

A large putting green is positioned in front of the clubhouse providing a great area for new golfers as well as good players to practice and improve their short game skills.

All dimensions are in Yards*

1 – 148

2 – 122

3 – 96

The opening hole of The Nine starts off with a mid length Par 3 that plays slightly downhill. With 3 sets of tees, there is a good variation of distances that golfers can play from.

The Rivière du Rempart will be visible from both the tees and green, as well as some of the stunning vegetation along both river banks.

The large green is perched out on a small peninsula that will create a stunning visual from both the Clubhouse and for golfers once on the green.

1 – 137

2 – 111

3 – 92

This hole plays dramatically downhill to a green perched very close to the river’s edge, from tees up on the slight ridge.

What dominates this hole though is the massive specimen tree just to the left of the green. The tree on the left and vertical slope to the right of the green create a very impressive amphitheater setting for the green.

With the green sitting down in this hollow, we are expecting some swirling winds that may affect club selection for golfers up on the ridge.

1 – 133

2 – 114

3 – 88

After climbing back up to the top of the ridge overlooking the river, golfers will again play downhill (about 5-6m) to a green sitting immediately on the rivers edge.

Over-clubbing on this hole will result in balls going over the green and into the river behind.

Once again, this green is framed by a huge specimen tee off the left front corner that will stop a few mishits from finding the river.

The large green has plenty of width and depth and will be sloped so that it is quite receptive to most tee shots.

1 – 172

2 – 149

3 – 117

The second longest Par 3 on the golf course, this level Par 3 plays closely along the ridge overlooking the river below.

Ball that are hooked off the tee are likely to disappear over the left edge, but there is plenty of room in front and down the entire right side.

2 bunkers protect different portions of this green, but it is open in front so balls can be rolled or bounced onto the green.

Once again, more amazing views of Rivière du Rempart.

1 – 119

2 – 105

3 – 102

The shortest hole on the course may not be the easiest though.

The hole is fairly level, but misses around the green will roll off into closely mown areas of fairway that are 1.5m below the putting surface.

Depending on where the pin is that particular day, golfers will have many options on how the get back up onto the green: Sand Wedge flop shots, bump and run shots or perhaps putting it back up onto the green.

This hole has a single bunker protecting the left front corner of the green, but the front is very open for all golfers.

1 – 198

2 – 181

3 – 148

The longest hole on the golf course plays slightly downhill to a large green protected by a small lake on the left side.

The green is open in front, and the lone bunker is actually a little ways away from the green itself.

The right to left natural slope of this hole will also help golfers, as some mishits should roll and bounce towards the green and fairway surrounding this green.

1 – 156

2 – 142

3 – 114

This next Par 3 plays slightly uphill to a green protected by a single right side bunker.

The green is open in front so golfers will be able to bounce and roll balls up onto the putting surface.

On this hole, with the natural slope now left To right, balls pulled off the tee will get some helpful bounces and rolls towards the green.

1 – 137

2 – 125

3 – 102

Playing back towards the river again, this hole plays slightly downhill from what is the highest point on the golf course property.

This green is protected by a left front bunker, and there is plenty of fairway to the left and right of this green, so mishits will not be punished.

The large green has plenty of undulations, so being in the correct half of the green will be important.

1 – 147

2 – 135

3 – 108

Golfers will recognize this hole, as it is very similar to the world famous Par 3 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

This level Par 3 plays over a lake to a large island green complex, and a single, small pot bunker.

Though it looks very intimidating, this green is large and will be very receptive to most shots.

This is a great finish to a fun 9 holes of golf for all skill levels.