The Nine – Azuri Golf

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Why The Nine?

A signature 9-hole Par-3 golf course
is a first of its kind on the island

Azuri is proud to be the first destination in Mauritius to provide a golf experience for anyone who “feels they don’t have the time to play golf”: you can start at 7 in the morning and go to work at 8:30; or tee off from hole #1 at 5 in the afternoon and be home for dinner at 6:30. By abiding to the highest set of international criteria, the course will revolutionise the way that golf is played on the island, all within a play time of 1.5 hours.

Each hole offers its own magical combination of challenges that contribute to the pleasure of the game, every time it is played. These include well-positioned tees, bunkers and water features; well manicured fairways and greens and enjoyable moments with friends and family.

Each hole will have at least three tee options designed to correspond to an individual golfer’s playing level: back tee for professionals; forward tees for the amateur player and ladies’ tees.

In order to ensure that the course is delivered in accordance with the best international standards, Azuri appointed a world-renown golf course architect, a leading global golf course design company IMG, and a respected local company to manage the course, The Golf Company (TGC), who are experts in golf course development, operations and maintenance.

Bringing IMG’s expertise as one of the largest international companies in the field of golf course design and TGC’s understanding of the golf environment in Mauritius assures Azuri’s continued implication with its residents and community to safeguard their investment potential for sustained growth via the best possible integration of this project into the village.